Coaching, therapy and circles for redefining masculinity.

What are we here for?

Deconstructing the patriarchy will take a village, in the sense that, it will need all of us to do it, together. When we speak of deconstruction, here, we speak of awareness. We speak of understanding patriarchy as a context and educating ourselves around what it means to be part of it. We speak of accountability and we put into practice what it means to be an ally. In Male Identities we take an inside out approach to this work of deconstruction. Through feminist perspectives, we put the self into context, we learn about and question conditioning in order to show up in more conscious and whole ways.

Who do we want to serve?

We want to support any individual, collective or institution who are actively engage in, or wanting to start, the work of deconstruction. We predominantly want to support those who identify with being a men, however our work remains open and inclusive to all involved in this line of work.

Masculinity is you, it’s us, and it’s what we’re constructing.
Together, we are Male Identities.