About us

For centuries, men have been told what masculinity is and what men should be. Nowadays, however, there’s a strong attention on masculinity, and men everywhere are called to action. 

Male Identities was born out of this strong desire to act, wanting to create a movement of connection and change. In 2019, with the support of Engagement Arts and in collaboration with Beursschouwburg we started the first series of circles.

With Male Identities, we open spaces to reflect, to learn, and to listen, and by sharing in these experiences, we grow, and we acquire tools to wake up to what men and masculinity can be. 

Together, we set up circles for supportive conversations, we cultivate new approaches to thinking, and we detangle perspectives that condition us. It’s through your individual inputs and rich, interactive experiences that this work is possible.

With recurring events and an ongoing presence in Belgium, Male Identities creates safe spaces and strong relationships that are rooted in trust. Together, we grow by acknowledging our complexity, embracing our diversity, and including all men and male-identifying people from all backgrounds. 

Join our circle. Masculinity is you, it’s us, and it’s what we’re constructing.

Together, we are Male Identities. 

About the Facilitator

Hugo Mega 

Hugo Mega is a Transformative Coach, Imagery Therapist and activist for healing, equality and gender justice. Originally from Portugal he is based in Brussels, Belgium for more than a decade.
Since 2018 he has been coaching individuals through renewal and transformation processes.
Combining the strength of transformative coaching with imagery therapy he creates a strong and supportive approach to coaching and learning for healing processes and personal development.

Busy with his own deconstruction for the past decade, he uses his experience combined with a feminist perspective to support individuals and organizations in finding wholeness, integrity and access to a more conscious, just and balanced inner and outer environment.

Hugo is a faculty member of Coach Masters Academy, being a program director and coach trainer for online trainings. He is also a mentor and coach supervisor, supporting coaches on their ongoing development journey towards coaching mastery.

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