What we do

Individual Support

Initiate a supportive and constructive conversation where the main axis of exploration is you, your experience and your learning around it. 

In these personalize support sessions we combine the listening methodology of Transformative Coaching with the subconscious learning approach from Imagery therapy. Both practices aim at supporting the client’s self discovery process and perspective shift that lead to new insights. These new understandings generate a movement of change that is rooted in deeper levels of awareness, which leads to change that is long lasting and sustainable. 

By learning about yourself, how you are constructed and how you tend to function, you will gain new levels of self-awareness. By shifting how you see yourself, you can address the need of your situation more easily and start transforming old patters. Build a new level of intimacy with yourself and become whole through this connection. In this way, change becomes a more accessible, natural and organic process that stems from this process of intimate self discovery. 

Our goal is to support you on this learning process through your personal development and healing journey.

This individual support is available in punctual sessions or longer continual support agreements. The prices for these session exist on a sliding scale to favor people of all economic backgrounds and current financial situations. May financial difficulties never stand in the way of your healing and growth!


In a circle everyone’s voice and experience matter, and through sharing we collectively learn, deepen our awareness on specific topics and grow, closer to ourselves and towards the other. 

Do you need support navigating or initiating important or uncomfortable conversations? 

Let’s start a dialogue and find together the right topic and approach for a successful collective learning experience. 

To facilitate circles I often combine one introspective imagery exercise to initiate the conversation through the sharing about the inner experience and navigate the conversation using active listening skill from transformative coaching. Active listening allows people to feel heard and see themselves from a different perspective. In these circles we preference the sharing from a personal (embodied) experience rather than intellectualized or rationalized understanding. This is a key shift to generating an environment of safety and trust that generates a pool of collective wisdom.



When we speak of deconstruction what is it that it specifically means? What is it that we are deconstructing and most importantly how do we start? 
To be engaged in the work of deconstructing patriarchy, masculinity or conditioning, is a work of self deconstruction. 
This workshop is an introductory door to the journey of deconstruction. Perfect for newbies or more experience practitioners, this workshop works as a map, offering tools, resources and directions that support individual and collective awareness. 

E-Motions: Energy in motion.

Emotions are movement of energy going through the body. For the longest time, intellectual intelligence has been valued over emotional intelligence. This has propelled many of us to live in our heads and to live disconnected from our bodies, from our embodied perception of our feelings. 
This energy that we can call emotions is a primal movement and a crucial inner guide or alert system pointing us towards authenticity and fulfillment. 
This workshop offers a new perspective on how to connect and work with our emotions. Gain new set of tools to become more connected to your self and those around you. 

Consensual Communication

Between our auto-pilot behaviors and the things we take for granted we are left a bit out of touch in regards to how much within our interactions is inappropriate. 
Etymologically, consent means felt together, in agreement. 
Inspired by the movement of awareness around touch and consent, this workshop expands the boundaries of consent to how we relate to ourselves and each other. What are we consciously or unconsciously consenting to? 
This workshop invites an inside out approach to exploring consent in our daily lives and interactions. It is a call to start feeling together again. Become consensual: Develop more self awareness, clarity and connection through intentionality and consensus in communication.

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